Woman Charged For School Bus Rampage Caught On Video

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Woman Charged For School Bus Rampage Caught On Video

CREATED May 7, 2014
by Adam Ghassemi

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Almost every parent knows the instinct is to protect their child, one Clarksville woman let that emotion get out of control. There's shocking video of her confrontation with elementary students on a school bus.

April 25 started out like any other morning with kids filling onto a school bus on Raleigh Court. That is, until 22-year-old Kela Hand tried to walk on with her stepdaughter looking for answers.

"No, you can't come on the bus,” the bus driver told her.

But Hand still wanted to know which little boy hit her partner’s daughter in the mouth. She ignored the driver’s warnings and pushed her way down the aisle, eventually taking a small boy by the arm while trying to drag him off the bus.

"You touch my baby?” you can hear Hand say on video caught by the bus’ surveillance system.

The driver was able to stop her while other kids yelled Hand had the wrong person.

"Who was it? Go point him out now!” she screamed.

The driver radioed for help while Hand got in other kids’ faces. Her partner, the little girl's mother, got on board to convince her to back down. She did, but not without one last warning for all the children.

"I don't care who it was. Touch her again and I will [expletive] all you little mother [expletive] up!” she said.

Elise Shelton with the Clarksville Montgomery County School System said they've never had an adult do anything like this before, much less to 3rd graders and younger.

"She was very inappropriate to say the least,” Shelton said. “This is a situation where we can't take the chance of something like this ever happening again.”

Hand now faces assault and disorderly conduct charges.

The bus driver got suspended and is now driving a nutrition truck that does not transport children. She was also reprimanded for letting other parents board the bus after Hand’s confrontation.

"We feel like if a bus driver isn't able to react appropriately and be able to stand in the aisle it's a very volatile situation you can acknowledge. It could be a dangerous situation,” Shelton said.

Hand first agreed to speak with NewsChannel 5 Wednesday, but later backed out.

In addition to her criminal charges, the district also took out a restraining order barring her from any bus stop or school property.

Parents said the children were traumatized, but seem to be okay.