Teacher Allegedly Makes Young Boy Punch Another In The Face

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Teacher Allegedly Makes Young Boy Punch Another In The Face

CREATED May 6, 2014
by Adam Ghassemi

PORTLAND, Tenn. – A Sumner County Elementary School teacher has been suspended because of allegations she encouraged two young boys to fight.

Brandie Dobson is still trying to figure out exactly what happened to her 8-year-old son last week, after the Watt Hardison Elementary 2nd grader got into a fight with one of his friends.

The scuffle happened on the school bus, and Dobson admitted her son was a part of the fight.

"The little boy had pushed him and hit his brother and cousin. So he hit him back,” she said.

But the next day, she said one of their teachers decided the fight wasn't over. Dobson said the teacher allegedly took her son, his brother and the other little boy into an empty classroom, and with another teacher present, had them finish.

"She had told [sic.] the little boy to hit my son. I understand he hit him, she didn't feel like it was good enough to she had him hit him again in the face,” she explained Tuesday.

Dobson said they never heard from anyone at the school, and wasn't able confirm the incident happened until Monday.

Tuesday, school was closed for Election Day, but a district investigator was on campus piecing together what happened. The teacher has been suspended during the investigation.

NewsChannel 5 is not naming the teacher because she does not face criminal charges.

Sumner County Schools released the following statement Tuesday:

“[The teacher] has been suspended as Sumner County Schools conducts an investigation into these allegations. We intend to thoroughly investigate this matter to fully determine if this incident occurred and the circumstances surrounding it. If these allegations are indeed proven true by our investigation, our Director of Schools will take appropriate corrective action, as we will not tolerate this type of conduct within our school system.”

Dobson said the teacher influenced fight violated a trust that likely can't be repaired.

"They're there to look after over kids not to have them be hurt, and have other kids punch them in the face or anywhere on their body. You don't do that,” she said.

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