High School Wrestler Tells Friends, Family About Injury

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

High School Wrestler Tells Friends, Family About Injury

CREATED May 3, 2014
by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Months after a wrestling injury sidelined a Franklin boy, forcing him into weeks of physical therapy and rehabilitation, the freshman at Independence High School had a chance to talk with friends and family about the accident.

Hunter Garstin was competing at a wrestling tournament in December when his neck was injured in a match with another wrestler.

For the past several months he has been recovering at a facility in Atlanta, where he has regained the use of his arms and fingers.

While he's been back at school for a couple weeks, Saturday was an opportunity for him to answer questions from his classmates about his experience.

“I’ve got to keep going,” Garstin said. “People say, ‘I couldn't do things if I was in your situation,’ and I probably would have said the same thing, but once it happens to you, you just got to do it, there's no giving up, you just have to deal with it.”

Later this month Hunter will be holding a welcome home bash at the People's Church in Franklin.

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