Mt. Juliet Police Preparing To Move To New Headquarters

Mt. Juliet Police Preparing To Move To New Headquarters

CREATED May 2, 2014
by Shannon Royster

MT JULIET, Tenn. – The Mt. Juliet Police Department has been preparing to relocate to its new headquarters. 

In just weeks now, the Old Joy Church will be the future home to the Mt. Juliet Police Department.

"We're going from 5,000 square feet to 14,000 sq feet and the city is also benefiting because they're able to take over the space that were leaving," said Sgt. Tyler Chandler.

Sgt. Chandler, 43 sworn officers, 16 reserves and the Chief of Police all report to work at the city hall building, but will soon move to a bigger sanctuary,

"Our city leaders were able to buy the building for 1.5 million and the renovations come in at 350,000," said Sgt. Chandler. "So we were able to come into a new police facility under 2 million dollars.

The newly renovated building offers space and rooms the current facility doesn't have like a large training room, locker rooms, a fitness center, and private interview rooms.

"The main thing that we're getting here is the security," said Sgt. Chandler. "We're able to secure the police department properly.

It'll also house a courtroom, larger armory, evidence, briefing and conference rooms. City officials were able to save taxpayers more than $3 million in the process.

"Just under five years ago a study was done to see what it would cost to get the police department in a new facility," said Sgt. Chandler. "It would cost five million, so they saved a chunk of money."

Sgt. Chandler said the money they did spend was well worth it, giving officers who serve and protect a functional, useful place to operate.

"We're basically going from a building that was not built for a police department to a building that was built for a police department," said Sgt. Chandler.

Officers will start transitioning into the new building the first week of June. They hope to be fully operational in July.

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