Illegal Dumping Sites A Growing Problem In Nashville

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Illegal Dumping Sites A Growing Problem In Nashville

CREATED May 2, 2014
by Marcus Washington 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Each year, Officials with Metro Nashville Public Works have responded to 1,800 reports of illegal dumping sites.

For 30 years, Freddie Collier has watched his neighborhood change and most of the time, the change was for the better.

The past six months, he said the property sitting on the corner of 12th Ave. North and Wheliss Street in North Nashville, has transformed into an illegal dumping site.

"I come out here and I don't know what's over in there behind the tree or whatever, because they don't keep it clean," said Collier.

A spokeswoman for Metro Public Works said this property is definitely a welcome mat for illegal dumping. Debris such as tires, speakers and what looked like an industrial size sink could be seen on the property. 

“Possums, rats, all those things can run up in the house and it's more on me to keep them out of mine,” said Collier when referring to the effect of the unwanted dumping.

He said he has had enough and he wants to see a change.

The Metro Nashville Public Works Department has been working to get the problem under control, because these properties are not only a nuisance, but an environmental and a safety hazard.

"I just want them to clean it up and keep it cut," said Collier.

After several calls, NewsChannel 5 was able to bring the problem to the attention to the Metro Nashville Codes Department. The week of May 4, someone would look would come inspect the property.

Currently there are not permits allowing the dumping of debris, dirt or rocks.

In 20012, a permit was submitted to build a church on the property, but two years later, only dirt, rocks and debris sit on the corner lot.

To prevent this growing issue, the Metro Nashville Public Works Department has offered free options for dumping.