Art Helps Women In Recovery Stay Sober

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Art Helps Women In Recovery Stay Sober

CREATED Apr 25, 2014
by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Dozens of women go to Mending Hearts to rebuild their lives. It's a faith based recovery program that helps clients who are battling addiction. Therapy is a big part of the recovery process and on Friday clients let their paintbrushes to all of the talking.

You wouldn't expect such colorful expressions to come from such dark experiences.

“Through my addiction, the next step for me was death,” resident Christi O’Grady said as she put the finishing touches around the Celtic knot she painted. “To me it symbolizes never ending. And my sobriety is very important to me and I want to keep it never ending as well.”

The battle for sobriety is the story behind each one of the flowers that make up a new mural at Mending Hearts. 

“I did two years in prison this last time,” resident Britney Richardson said. “I come home, I thought I could do it by myself and I can't.”

All of the women, turned artists, are new to the recovery program. During the first days, clients begin to explore their feelings in new ways. A pain they're used to numbing with drugs and alcohol, but now have to confront. The courtyard is where they come to decompress.

“And why not transform that to a healing sanctuary,” artist Beth Inglish explained.

Talking about their past isn't always easy, so the gray wall of the building where they live and have group therapy became a canvas for their emotions.

“Let people see what you're feeling without having to explain it,” Richardson added.

“It just helps me express my emotions and it helps me chill out,” resident Savannah Price explained.

Art therapy is a part of Mending Hearts’ process to make sure this time sobriety lasts. A grant from the Team Mica Fund and donations from PPG Porter Paints made the session possible.

“I just love using art to heal,” Inglish said, “and I believe it's such a powerful thing.”The same way they created each flower they hope to create a future that too can blossom.

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