California-Based Attorney Allowed To Remain On Vandenburg Legal Team

California-Based Attorney Allowed To Remain On Vandenburg Legal Team

CREATED Apr 24, 2014
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A California-based attorney for a former Vanderbilt University football player, accused in the campus rape case, has been allowed to remain on his legal team.

Thursday night, Judge Monte Watkins issued an order allowing Albert Perez, Jr. to remain on Vandenburg's legal team with Fletcher Long and John Herbison.

In recent weeks, prosecutors challenged the right of California attorney Perez to stay on Brandon Vandenburg's case. Deputy District Attorney Tom Thurman objected to Perez presence and publicly called him a liar for accusing him of tampering with evidence.

Perez has denied the allegations.

The case heads to court in August. Changing defense lawyers could have delayed the trial.

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