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Nashville T-Shirts Help Homeless Start Over

Nashville T-Shirts Help Homeless Start Over

CREATED Apr 24, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - A local t-shirt company has a trendy way to help the homeless and a way for the formerly-homeless to pay it forward.

Project 615 has been printing shirts in the basement of Set Free Church in East Nashville since 2010. The guys printing the shirts are formerly homeless and it is likely their first job after rehabilitation.

The profits from the shirts they print go to the Set Free program they just came out of, which helps the people who are currently in it.

The idea came from two t-shirt designers who said their faith lead them to a way to give back.

"If our shirts help to tell their story and help those guys,  the better I think," said Project 615 co-creator Matt Blinco. "It’s all about Jesus. If it takes off, great. If not, even if we can make a small difference, I think that’s a good thing."

Derek Evans started Project 615 with Blinco.

"We had a guy he’s been with us a of couple years," Evans said. "He hadn’t had a car in like a decade. He was able to save up and buy his first car in 10 years because he had a job with us."

Project 615 shirts are sold in a couple of stores in East Nashville and Hillsboro Village, but the majority of sales are through their website www.project615.org

One hundred percent of the profits from shirt sales go to Set Free Church in Nashville.

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