Solution To Spring Hill Traffic Problems Years Away

Solution To Spring Hill Traffic Problems Years Away

CREATED Apr 23, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

Spring Hill, Tenn. - Ask most Spring Hill residents about the city's biggest challenge and you'll get the same answer -- traffic congestion.

Two barbers who work downtown said it doesn't matter where you live.

Jason Hastings and Mark Uhl work at the Yankee Clipper in downtown Spring Hill.

Hastings said, "I'm in the Thompson's Station area, so I try to. I try to. You know you can't really move any where past 7 o'clock, so I usually stay at work until 7."

 "I see people at this red light here at Main Street and Duplex, I mean they've got sit there three or four times before they can access Main Street," said Uhl.

Some relief is on the way, but construction is still years away.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has given Spring Hill the green light to start purchasing right of way to widen Duplex Road.

It's a main east-to-west road connecting Main Street with many neighborhoods.

Mayor Rick Graham says the actual construction is at least three years away, because the project is missing from the planning list for middle Tennessee.

 "We have to get on that three year list to get the project approved through T-DOT and we didn't make it, so I'm praying that next year we are on that three year list," said Graham.

The city will spend $4,000,000 to purchase right of way this year, so it will be ready when the state decides to spend money on construction.

Spring Hill's next priority is to get the state to approve a new interchange on I-65.

Mayor Graham said, "If we did that we could get 78 percent of the folks who live in Spring Hill and commute north on and off the interstate without having to get on the 31 Highway and Main Street and our traffic on that road would diminish a lot."

Mayor Graham hopes it can happen in 5 years.

Mayor Graham said building a new I-65 interchange is higher priority than widening Highway 31, which is also Main Street.

He said construction on Highway 31 needs the support of Thompson's Station, and without it T-DOT won't approve a project.  

Thompson's Station Town Administrator Joe Cosentini told us the city hasn't taken a position on the issue, but he said most of the traffic comes from Spring Hill, so any widening project should begin there.

Graham said the city is using it's own money trying to address traffic problems on Main Street with more turn lanes. He said it's just a band aid approach, but for now residents will have stay patient, even if that patience is tested a few times every day.

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