2016 Democratic National Convention Considers Nashville

2016 Democratic National Convention Considers Nashville

CREATED Apr 22, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Could the 2016 Democratic National Convention come to Music City? The answer is maybe.

Nashville has been selected as one of 15 cities the Democratic National Committee has asked to make a pitch to host the convention.

The 2012 nominating convention was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tuesday, the DNC said it will accept proposals through June 6th, and pick a host city either late this year or in early 2015.

Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation President Butch Spyridon says city leaders will decide by next month whether or not to submit a serious bid.

Spyridon says it is an honor for the city to be included in the list. But the convention does not have a set date, and that makes it incredibly difficult for a city which has a lot of other events in the late summer.

"If there’s something that significant in the way then you’ve got to say no, you’re full," Spyridon said. "Dates are critical to the evaluation, so they make it pretty hard. We’ll spend the next three to four weeks doing our due diligence. That’s checking dates, checking space, and evaluating the costs. Then we’ll sit down with the mayor’s office, because the key expense falls on the city, to determine is it something we can and should go forward with?"

The competition will be tough. Other cities invited to bid include Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Detroit.

Nashville city officials say they're looking at costs and planning, and will decide soon whether or not to bid.

Hosting the convention could come with a $60 million dollar price tag. Experts estimate host cities could make triple that in return.