Tennessee Tech Makes Preparations To Legally Grow Medical Marijuana

Tennessee Tech Makes Preparations To Legally Grow Medical Marijuana

CREATED Apr 23, 2014
by Jason Lamb

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Tech could soon become only the second university in the entire country allowed to grow pot for medical research.

Governor Bill Haslam is expected to sign a bill that would allow a four-year study of medical marijuana and its treatment of epileptic seizures, and Tennessee Tech University has been chosen to grow the pot for the study.

“It’s very insightful for the legislature to take this stance,” said Philip Oldham, Tennessee Tech University president. “It’s in a very moderated, controlled kind of way.”

The university was chosen to grow the marijuana because of its high-profile agriculture program, though it's not clear exactly where it would be grown or what security measures would have to be put in place.

The research would specifically focus on cannabis oil and its role in preventing epileptic seizures.

Under the law, the cannabis oil extracted from the plant must have a low amount of THC -- the active ingredient in marijuana. Under the plan, Tennessee Tech would only grow the marijuana and produce the cannabis oil.

That oil would then be taken to places like Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where the research with epilepsy would be done.

Once the governor signs the bill, the law would go into effect in July; however, Tennessee Tech would still have to get FDA and DEA approval to grow the low-potency marijuana.

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