Drug Investigation Leads To Dog Fighting Raid

Drug Investigation Leads To Dog Fighting Raid

CREATED Apr 23, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police and animal control officers confiscated over three dozen dogs from a home in North Nashville on Tuesday. The animals were being bred and used for dog fighting.

Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department and Metro Animal Care and Control responded to two homes on Pewitt Road near Clarksville Highway and Kings Lane Tuesday morning.

The raid came about as a result of an investigation into a major heroin and cocaine trafficking organization in the city.

Police department spokesperson Don Aaron said the one of the targets of the investigation, Michael Davis, lives at one of the homes.

“During the course of the drug investigation the police department received information that Davis could perhaps be involved in a dog fighting enterprise,” said Aaron.

On April 12, officers executed a drug search warrant at the home. Details of evidence uncovered as part of the drug investigation was not available. While at the home, officers discovered the dogs.

“As we were on the property, it was clear from the animals at the back of the house that dog fighting was taking place. Animals were being raised for fighting,” said Aaron.

Officers found syringes scattered about the property where injections had been given to some of the dogs. They said some the dogs had obvious scarring and open wounds.

Aaron said officers continued to investigate both cases, and new warrants were issued.

“As a result of what we found during the drug investigation today, two new search warrants for dog fighting were executed on this property of Mr. Davis and that of his neighbor,” he said.

Animal Control officers took 38 dogs into custody. Several of them had been chained in the woods and some were emaciated. An animal hide was found hanging from a tree that police said would be used to build the dogs' jaw and hind leg strength.

Officers visited the home regularly over the past 10 days. Aaron said a neighbor had been feeding and watering the dogs since April 12 when Davis was arrested. He was already in jail on $250,000 bond.

The neighbor also had some dogs. He was identified as James Jones. Police found $250,000 in cash under wood in some undergrowth on Jones' property, but Aaron said Jones was not taken into custody.

Several items from Davis' house believed to have been related to the dog fighting or bought with drug money have been seized.

No additional charges were filed, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Metro Animal Care and control is holding the seized dogs in a secured facility because they are a part of a criminal investigation.

They're accepting donations at its facility at 5125 Harding Place of the following supplies: treats or bully sticks, durable toys such as Kongs, Peanut Butter, machine washable towels and blankets (no quilts), cleaning supplies and a Kuranda bed.

They would also accept volunteers to help with the general population of cats and dogs.

They do not need any dog food of any kind. Any donations that are left over will be used at the primary Animal Care and Control facility.

Experts from the Humane Society of the United States were expected to conduct behavior analysis to determine if the dogs could be rehabilitated to the point where they could be adopted out.