Man Claiming To Be ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Arrested By Murfreesboro Police

Man Claiming To Be ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Arrested By Murfreesboro Police

CREATED Apr 21, 2014
by Shannon Royster

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – A group that calls themselves sovereign citizens has been growing in the Mid-State but police said they're actually members of a domestic terrorist organization.

One of this group's members came in contact with an Officer from the Murfreesboro Police Department during a routine traffic stop.

Thirty-year-old Lycurtis Junior claims to be part of a group whose members regularly find themselves at odds with the law – that’s exactly what happened, according to Kyle Evans, PIO for the Murfreesboro Police Department, during a recent routine traffic stop with a Murfreesboro Police Officer.

"These groups have proven in the past to be very deadly," said Evans.

The traffic stop took place in the 1700 block of Northfield Boulevard. Junior had been pulled over for illegal window tint, but when the officer spotted a weapon tucked inside his waistline it turned a lot more serious.

"A little further into the traffic stop, the conversation turned scary when the driver told the officer he was a sovereign citizen," said Evans.

Sovereign citizens believe the government, its representatives, laws, and policies are illegitimate.

Junior told police he was under special prosecution authority to carry a loaded gun and its large magazine discovered sticking out of the handgun. He also produced a badge and identification that identified him as a special prosecutor for a sovereign citizen.

The officer asked Junior to step out of the vehicle and hand him the weapon but instead Junior tried to hand the officer a stack of paperwork.

"Often time that paperwork is very confusing," said Evans. "It's meant to distract the officer away from what is actually going on."

Officers said Junior knew exactly what he was doing. During the stop it was discovered that he had two prior felony drug charges and a prior felony weapons charge.

Junior was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. He was released on a three-thousand dollar bond, but will appear in court in July.

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