School Board Approves Nolensville Rezone

School Board Approves Nolensville Rezone

CREATED Apr 21, 2014
by Todd Walker

FRANKLIN, Tenn - Members of the Williamson County School Board voted to redraw school zoning laws in the Nolensville area, Monday night, much to the chagrin of many parents.

Many parents had been speaking out about this change for weeks.

Despite that, for many parents, their children will still be changing schools in a couple of years.

Williamson County Schools hope to get funding to build three new schools in the Nolensville area because several current schools are at capacity and expected to go over it as early as next year.

Other schools are already over capacity and will be adding portable classrooms.

To try and alleviate overcrowding and prepare for the future, the district voted to re-zone several neighborhoods.

"We've had some really good debate," said Director of Schools Dr. Mike Looney. "But at the end of the day I think if anyone looks at the plan, it's a pretty common-sensical (sic). The ones closest to the schools are going to go to the school."

Some parents though feel their areas are getting picked on specifically.

At a meeting with parents on April 10, Dr. Looney did make changes, leaving one neighborhood out of the rezoning plan.

Some of those that are still affected are upset, especially parents who have been through rezoning before.

Patti Pitman said she's had kids in Williamson County Schools for 30 years and said her family has been rezoned at least five times.

"When you start a brand new school after you've been somewhere for five years it's tough to start over again," Pitman said. "I'm so upset about this it's not even funny."

This zoning change does not go into effect for another two years.

Williamson County Schools posted maps of the changes on its website.

Next month the Williamson County Commission will vote on whether to approve money for those three new schools.

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