Powdered Alcohol Doesn't Meet Federal Approval

Powdered Alcohol Doesn't Meet Federal Approval

CREATED Apr 21, 2014
FRANKLIN, Tenn. (NewsChannel 5/AP)  – A new powdered alcohol product, that was just months from reaching store shelves, was struck down Monday, by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

's called Palcohol, which is a small packet of powder that you mix with water to instantly make alcohol. It was first thought that the bureau approved the product but a representative of the federal agency said those approvals were issued in error. 

The company, Palcohol, said it wanted to start selling pocket-size packets in stores and online this fall that can be mixed with water to make vodka, rum or even flavored cocktails.

The website originally had marketing language about using the packets to sneak alcohol into venues with pricey drinks, but all that has since been taken down. They said now people should check with stadiums before trying that.

They insisted "Palcohol should be used in a responsible and legal manner."

The site said Palcohol's inventor, Mark Phillips, said he created it so active people wouldn't have to carry alcohol while doing things, like hiking or camping.

Whether or not Palcohol ever meets federal approval, the powdered substance still has many critics.   

"I just don't see the benefit to the state or to anybody for having something like that,” said Quillman who is also treasurer of the Tennessee Retailers Association.

He worries powdered alcohol won’t only be more accessible for minors, but would also defeat the entire purpose of buying fine liqueurs.

"There's been thought behind it. Far different than having a quote unquote whiskey flavored powder that's you're supposed to put in coke,” he said.

Palcohol may not be the first to think of this. On YouTube, there's video of Dutch inventors testing powdered alcohol just a few years ago.

In an email message, Palcohol's parent company Lipsmark said it will resubmit the labels for approval.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)