Sounds Stadium Brings Renewed Interest In Sulphur Dell Area

Sounds Stadium Brings Renewed Interest In Sulphur Dell Area

CREATED Apr 18, 2014

by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - With the development of the new Sounds stadium, another hot spot has appeared in Nashville's already booming real estate market.

Hundreds of apartment and condo units are under construction in the Sulphur Dell area, in addition to warehouses being renovated into offices.

There is plenty of interest in the old buildings in Sulphur Dell.

The old Geist building at 4th and Jefferson has sat locked up tight since 2006.

The company that manages the property, Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate, said it gets almost daily interest in the building. It served as a family business for more than 100 years.

Ronnie Wenzler, who is senior managing director for Cassidy Turley's Principal Industry Services said the company won't sell to just anybody and is waiting for the right buyer with the right vision.

"This place tells a story as it is today," Wenzler said. "Our hope is we can identify a good mix of users that would want to take advantage of the momentum of the area and the amount of foot traffic."

Wenzler said the property has been looked at as a potential restaurant or retail site.

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