Alternative Treatments For Your Allergies

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Alternative Treatments For Your Allergies

CREATED Apr 16, 2014

by Shannon Royster

Nashville, Tenn. - Allergy season is in full swing here in Nashville and for some allergy sufferers those over-the-counter medications just don't seem to bring any long term relief. 

Dr. David Forbes owner of Nashville Integrated Medicine says there are some alternatives to traditional medicine.

"First and foremost I'm going to talk to my patients about their diet because believe it or not getting your allergy symptoms down from a 10 to a two is usually dietarily dependent," he said.

In order to stop the sneezing, you might want to cut back on the refined sugars, grains and dairy. Dr Forbes says you can also turn to herbal methods.

"Querceton is one. Butterbur is another," he said. 

Another alternative to traditional over the counter allergy medicine just might surprise you.  It has to do with local bees, and people who use this method buy it by the dozens according to Lynda Correll, owner of Lynda's Rose Garden Honey.

"Alot of my customers wait in line and stock up," she said.  "They buy quarts from me."

Correll sells honey at the Hip Donelson Farmer's Market.

"Honey evidently is a great deterrent to allergies," said Correll.

Some experts believe because bees take pollen and nectar from local flowers, when you eat the raw honey it's believed to desensitize your body just like an allergy shot.

"Some customers take it with vinegar," said Correll. "They take a teaspoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey and they say it really helps their allergies."

Lynda's Rose Garden Honey will be available on May 9th at the Hip Donelson Farmer's Market.  

If you're interested in trying out the herbal methods mentioned above you can find them at your local health store.

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