Security Guard Fires Shots At Springfield Rent-A-Center Burglar

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Security Guard Fires Shots At Springfield Rent-A-Center Burglar

CREATED Apr 17, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. Over the past two months, the Rent-A-Center on Memorial Boulevard in Springfield had been burglarized three times. Wooden boards covered up the windows as proof.

Police said Tuesday night the crook, believed responsible for all three break-ins, forced his way back into the store a fourth time by pushing out one of the boards covering the previously broken window. 

"After he forced his way in, there was a security guard inside, an armed security guard, and that was certainly was a surprise to our suspect," said Springfield Police Chief David Thompson.

Chief Thompson said the security guard said he fired multiple shots, missing the suspect each time. 

Each of the previous burglaries involved the suspect stealing a flat screen television.   

"Sometimes when they commit a crime and it's successful, they come back and keep committing the same crime, the same way at in the same location," said Thompson.  

When it comes to protecting the merchandise in a business, most owners will tell you they try to cover all angles.  

"Sometimes they are like, 'are they really doing anything with it,' and with it being right up here they know they are being watched," said Jacob Hubman of The Health Kick, also on Memorial Boulevard.  

Security cameras inside The Health Kick record every move 24 hours a day and because of the store's location in a busy area, he said he is shocked at the number of burglaries.  

"Why would you go to the same place four times knowing they are stepping up security each time? Just the plywood alone should stop them, because they are going to [think] they are doing something more, other than plywood," he said.  

Springfield detectives have been able to view the surveillance video, but they are still waiting for Rent-A-Center to officially release the recording to them for the investigation.  

The suspect is unknown and police said they did not see any blood at the scene, so they don't believe he was shot.  

If you have any information on these burglaries, call Springfield police at 
(615) 384-4911.