Marathon Bombing Victim Vows To Return

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Marathon Bombing Victim Vows To Return

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

by Chris Conte

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The only person from Tennessee injured in the Boston Marathon bombing attacks last year says he is determined to run the race that nearly took his life.

Phil Kirkpatrick was perfectly positioned along Boylston Street in Boston last year to take a picture of his girlfriend Vicki who was running, but moments before she finished the first bomb went off.

"There were people just ten feet away from me with a lost foot, a lost leg, blood everywhere, it was on my jeans and my shirt," he recalls, "I just saw so many people get hurt, really bad."

On the one year anniversary of the bombings, the 60-year-old music industry attorney still remembers the moment like it was yesterday. The force of the blast knocked him to the ground and left him unable to hear.

"Just happened to be on that little spec on the planet where this hideous part of history rolled out," he says about having the distinct misfortunate of being a part of history.

Doctors in Boston originally thought Phil's hearing loss was temporary but a year later he has permanent damage to both of his ear drums and has to endure the constant ringing of tinnitus every moment he is awake.

"The sound in my right ear is like having 100 cicada's in a jar up against your ear coupled with the shrill of AM radio static," Patrick says about the pain.

Phil's ears may not work the way they used to but his feet do - he was given an invitational entry into the 2014 Boston Marathon by the OneFund and will be running his first marathon ever on Monday along with his girlfriend Vicki who never got to finish last year.

"It is unfinished business," Vicki says about returning to Boston.

For Phil it won't be a 26.2 mile race but a 26.2 mile statement.

"There's some reason I still have legs and feet and I'm not sure what it is... but I need to get out there and I need to use them."

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