6 Drug Suspects Arrested After Heroin, Cocaine Bust

6 Drug Suspects Arrested After Heroin, Cocaine Bust

CREATED Apr 14, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Six suspects have been arrested after a large drug bust in Davidson County.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said 30-year-old Adrian Gott and his alleged associates are believed to be responsible for importing as much as 66 pounds of cocaine and 22 pounds of heroin into the area for street distribution.

Gott was said to be facing felony heroin and cocaine charges.

After a three month investigation, police said nearly nine pounds of heroin, nearly 18 pounds of cocaine, $170,000 cash, five vehicles and six guns were seized during the bust.

Police said the cocaine was confiscated just after it entered Davidson County and was concealed inside a 1998 Ford Mustang. The driver, Pedro Maldonado Elizondo, 46, of Houston, Texas was arrested on two felony cocaine counts.

Four others were also charged in the bust, including Billandrus Caruthers, 38, for felony cocaine and evading arrest; Michael A. Davis, 34, for one felony cocaine charge; James H. Manning, 32, also for one felony cocaine charge; and Alan P. Martinez, 27, of Houston Texas, who is facing two felony cocaine counts.

Investigators said more arrested are expected in the case.