2 Brothers Inspiration For ‘Miracle' Playground

2 Brothers Inspiration For ‘Miracle' Playground

CREATED Apr 12, 2014

WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. – Two brothers were the inspiration behind a new playground that's geared towards accommodating children with special needs.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Saturday at the new Miracle Recreation playground at the White House Municipal Park. The playground was built to accommodate children with physical disabilities.

Thanks to donations and the efforts of volunteers, the playground was built over the course of one month. Brothers Connor and Cayden Long played an integral role in its completion.

Cayden Long has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or talk, but thanks to his brother, Connor, he's participating in triathlons. The two were even featured in Sports Illustrated a few years ago.

The family had a lot of input in the project.

"There are so many Caydens and Connors in this world that just get skipped over," said Tammi Phillips of Miracle Kentucky and Tennessee. "Him and his brother and all of his friends they're playing together. No one is stigmatizing this as the special needs playground. This is a playground for all children."

This is only the second Miracle Recreation playground in Tennessee built by the Miracle of Kentucky and Tennessee.