Pilot Killed In Wilson County Ultralight Crash Identified

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Pilot Killed In Wilson County Ultralight Crash Identified

CREATED Apr 12, 2014

LEBANON, Tenn. – The pilot killed in an ultralight plane crash in Wilson County has been identified.

Officials with the Wilson County Sheriff's Office said 61-year-old David S. Carter, of Nashville, was killed when his ultralight plane crashed in a field.

The incident happened Saturday morning in a field near 425 Edwards Road in Lebanon. There is a privately owned air strip not far from the crash site.

Several law enforcement and emergency medical crews responded to the scene.

Seven-year-old Ethan Brown and his friend, 10-year-old Will Clegg, were playing in a nearby field when the plane crashed.

Brown said he heard the plane's engine cut out shortly before impact.

"We heard the plane crash and we ran over there," Brown said. "We ran like as fast as we could."

Clegg said he tried to help Carter who was underneath the plane.

"We just saw somebody laying there not moving and I checked his pulse and he didn't move," he said. "I wanted to save the guy's life but he didn't have a chance to save."

Kathleen Bergen with the Federal Aviation Administration said investigators were working to confirm the size and type of the aircraft. She said the FAA does not investigate ultralight crashes because they are not officially classified as aircraft.

If the vehicle is determined to be a light sport aircraft, the FAA would continue investigating.