Williamson County Parents Sound Off On Rezoning Plan

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Williamson County Parents Sound Off On Rezoning Plan

CREATED Apr 10, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. - Parents crowded into Nolensville Town Hall to hear for the first time how a controversial school rezoning plan will affect their children.

"I sent six e-mails with 20 pictures and I hit (Dr. Mike Looney) up Twitter six times and I  was hitting up Facebook," concerned parent Jason Richardson said.

Opinions had already been formed about Williamson Counties controversial school re-zoning plan before parents stepped into Nolensville's Town Hall.

"In our back yards you can see Sunset Elementary and Sunset Middle and we're going to a school that's a 20 minute bus ride away versus the walking you could do right now," Richardson said about the current proposal. "It would've been ludicrous."

That's why so many showed up Thursday afternoon. The plan would create a new feeder pattern in the Nolensville community, by building a new elementary, middle and high school.

"I'm going to drive past sunset to go to Nolensville is what I'm (going to) do," one parent explained during the meeting.

"It hardly seems right that this small little bitty neighborhood sitting right there needs to out to Nolensville," another parent questioned.

It's in an effort to relieve current and future overcrowding, with three thousand new homes expected to be built here in the next two years alone.

"It looks to me like you took some of the older stuff and kept it in Nolensville and some of the more expensive stuff and sent it over to Ravenwood," a father questioned.

"How come you couldn't count the students from the higher income and put them in Nolensville," another mother questioned.

Director of Schools Dr. Mike Looney explained the logic behind the new boundaries, but showed he considered parent's concerns by saying he no longer thinks it's best to rezone Brittain Downs subdivision - Jason Richardson's community.

"A community where we could walk to school is a better thing," Richardson said. "It was good."

The rezoning plan is still in the early stages. The school board will vote on it on April 21st.

Then in May County Commissioners will vote on whether to approve the $80 million necessary to build the three schools.

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