Only Two People Allowed To Vote On Ballot Item

Only Two People Allowed To Vote On Ballot Item

CREATED Apr 9, 2014

Cookeville, Tenn. – When an election is approaching it's not uncommon to see lots of signs persuading you to vote one way or the other. However, it is uncommon to find that one item on the ballot is only open for two of the 40-thousand registered voters in one county.

James Mills is the planning director for the city of Cookeville and he says in order to make a home and the property it sits on part of the city of Cookeville-- by law, there has to be a vote.

"The area is located half way within our urban growth area and half out and by state law, if an area is outside your urban growth boundary the only way you can annex is have a referendum or have a special election," said Mills.

Mills says in 1998 most rural areas submitted a 20 year growth plan, which gives them the right to annex areas by city ordinance within that 20 year timeline. The  property up for a vote sits on that growth plan boarder and even though the owners and their neighbors petitioned for the annexation of this area, a vote has to take place to approve the city limit expansion.

"It's a small area, but we had to put three signs and the signs included resolutions that we were required to pass which included a plan of service. It spells out what services will be delivered and when."

 Mills says the city got lucky financially, because of the upcoming primary being held next month. He says if there was no planned election the city would've had to pay thousands of dollars for a special election.