Hendersonville Couple Scammed Out Of SUV On Craigslist

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Hendersonville Couple Scammed Out Of SUV On Craigslist

CREATED Apr 10, 2014

by Chris Cannon

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. - A Hendersonville couple answered an ad on Craigslist for a mobile mechanic and they claim the mechanic never brought back their SUV.

Tiffany and Jonathan Wright were having trouble with their 1999 Chevy Tahoe and went to Craigslist to find someone to fix the problem.

"The transmission was starting to go out," explained Tiffany Wright. "We were looking for a pretty good deal."

They found a mobile mechanic who would do the job for $300 cheaper than the other estimates they had gotten.

The person who came to their Hendersonville home said his name was Brian Wilson and he agreed to fix the SUV.

"He couldn't work on the car out front, because it's on a slope. So he gave him the keys and he drove off with the car," Wright said.

That was the last time the couple saw their Tahoe. The mechanic was supposed to bring it back in two days. When he did not show up, Jonathan Wright called him.

"When Monday rolled around, he gave me the run-around, and that's the last time I heard from him," Jonathan Wright explained.

They went to Hendersonville Police a few days later. When the Wrights talked to detectives, they said their story sounded very familiar.

"We had a case last summer involving the same person, doing the same scam," said Detective Jeffrey Brewer.

The detective said the mechanic's name was actually Jonathan Matheny. In Brewer's case last year, he said Matheny took cash from his victim.

"He tells the victim 'the part is going to cost this much, I need you to pay me this much so I can go get the part,' and then he would never return once he had the money in hand," Brewer explained.

"He has a very identifiable, unique scorpion tattoo on his neck," according to Brewer.

Tiffany Wright did some research on-line and found out Matheny has been arrested 80 times in Nashville.

"I haven't looked up any of the other counties to see if he has any other charges. I don't know how he's walking around right now," she said.

Matheny was picked up Wednesday night in Nashville after the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department received a tip, according to investigators. 

He was being held at the Metro jail on an unrelated charged. He will eventually face charges in Hendersonville in connection with the Wrights' case. Their SUV has not been recovered.

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