8 Brothers Receive Big Honor Together

8 Brothers Receive Big Honor Together

CREATED Apr 12, 2014

by Shannon Royster

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. - This week, eight brothers were inducted into the Putnam County Veterans Hall. The brothers are proud to have their story told.

"At our age were all getting old," said Hassell Vaughn Jr. "And we won't be around too much longer but our grandchildren and great grandchildren can come by."

They can come by the Putnam County Archives Veterans Hall to see this photo of the brothers.
Six of the eight Vaughn brothers fought in WWII and two of them served in Korea. 

"We all protect our country and that's what we all went in to do," said Hassell.

Lloyd, Loyce, Cletis, Carson, Truman, Hassell', Charles and Howard are all being inducted into the Putnam County Archives Veterans Hall together. 

"That's probably a record in this part of the area," said Hassell.

But now Carson Vaughn said only six remain. 

"Eight of us in at one time all of us come back without a blemish as far as I know," said Carson. 

From ages 80 to 93, all of them will be a part of the hall filled with other members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Glenn Jones is the Putnam County archivist who put it all together. 

"There's over 900 pictures and 88 fully dressed mannequins," Jones said.

Every one of them has their own story and the Vaughn brothers more than ever are happy for people to remember theirs.

The Vaughn brothers also received a memorial brick with their names on it for the new Putnam County Archives building once it's built. Plans are still in the works. Right now there is no completion date.

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