Doctors Reinforce Importance Of Child Vaccinations

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Doctors Reinforce Importance Of Child Vaccinations

CREATED Apr 8, 2014

by Marcus Washington  

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Physicians have called for a change in laws, saying refusing or delaying vaccinations is not only harmful to kids, but the health of the community as a whole.

When it comes to protecting her child, Desiree Mysinger said she's never taken any chances, especially when it comes to Braylen getting his vaccinations.

"Well first, I don't want my child to get sick," said Mysinger. "I want him to stay healthy and when he gets older and starts school or wants to do sports, you're supposed to have them."

Physicians said they wish more parents thought like Desiree.

The past few years, outbreaks of whooping cough and measles in the U.S. have increased.

Dr. William Schaffner, an Infectious Disease specialist Vanderbilt, said before the measles vaccination, upwards of 500 children died a year from the disease.

Many parents are anti-vaccinations because of their fears of possible side-effects.

"It's been put completely to rest through up to 20 studies that have looked at this subject and all have said there is no association between vaccines and autism," said Schaffner.

More than 50 cases of measles have been reported in California this year alone.

Compare that to the four cases this time last year.

While no cases have been reported in Tennessee, Dr. Schafffner said we are not in the clear just yet.

"Some of them go abroad or are visited by people from over abroad who bring measles back into this country; they then get it and spread to their playmates who also have been withheld from vaccinations," he said.

Dr. Schaffner said consulting your family physician or pediatrician is always you best option when it comes to protecting your child

He also said delayed vaccinations often mean, no vaccination, so get them in the time suggested your doctor.

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