Victims Ask Board To Deny Parole For 'Green Hills Rapist'

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Victims Ask Board To Deny Parole For 'Green Hills Rapist'

CREATED Apr 7, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The victims of John Peltier have asked board members to deny parole for the man known as the "Green Hills Rapist."

John Peltier has been serving five life sentences since 1989, but for the second time, he's eligible for an early release.

Peltier terrorized Nashville for two years in the mid-1980s. He was convicted of raping five women, though police have long believed he attacked many more.

"Back in 1986 and 1987 I basically drove around doing nothing but looking for more victims," said Peltier during his testimony before the Tennessee Board of Parole.

He spoke via closed circuit television from prison. The 55-year-old serial rapist blames drugs and pornography for his raping spree but said he's been rehabilitated during his 26 years in prison.

Peltier was denied parole six years ago and he is again asking for his release. His victims are speaking out against him.

"I hope you will not consider parole for him. I'd fear for myself and my friends. We survivors have a lifetime of nightmares," said Kathleen Starnes, one of his victims who has chosen to go public.

Other victims, who asked not to be identified, also testified or sent letters which were read to the board.

Peltier talked about his regret for sneaking into homes, tying up victims, threatening their families and then raping the women.

"There's no way to paint a good picture of my past. There's nothing good about it," admitted Peltier during the hearing.

John Zimmerman, the District Attorney who prosecuted Peltier back in 1989, also spoke to the Board of Parole. He strongly recommended against a release.

So far two of the seven board members have voted against Peltier's release. Four votes are needed either way to determine whether or not he's granted parole. Other members will vote later this month.

If he is denied, Peltier, like all inmates eligible for parole, will get another hearing in six years.