Donelson's Becker's Bakery Building Gets New Owner

Donelson's Becker's Bakery Building Gets New Owner

CREATED Apr 2, 2014

by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Without warning, Becker's Bakery closed its doors for good; one month later, Cupcake Collection owners have announced they will take over the building during its expansion.

When a bakery legacy ended at 2543 Lebanon Pike, it left 89 years worth of loyal customers in shock.  

"One of the girls I work with came by and didn't realize they were closed until she pulled up," said Diane Jackson.   

One of the only signs that Becker's Bakery was closing, a note on the company's website saying "We Are Now Closed," which was posted the day after they closed doors for good on March 1.  

For 27 years, Billy Parker's shoe repair business shared a parking lot with Becker's Bakery. He says he got no warning of the closing and one month later, he's still answering the question, what happened?  

"I just tell them, ' I don't know,' but they just closed up and sold the building,'" said Parker.  

"It was like a staple," said long time Becker's Bakery customer Cappo. "You stopped for great bread; they had terrific bakery and terrific cakes."  

He said he's excited to hear his sweet tooth needs will be met in the same location with the newest addition to the neighborhood.  

Mignon Francois, owner of the Cupcake Collection, decided to expand her family's cupcake business and take over Becker's former location.  

While finishing up the renovation of the newest location, cupcakes are being sold out of the mobile bakery in front of the building and it didn't take long for people to start lining up.  

Once open, the Donelson location of Cupcake Collection will also offer lunch items for customers.  Francois said she understand the legacy she is creating as she takes over the location of Nashville's bakery history.  

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"How do you fill those shoes?" asked Francois. "That is going to be a mean legacy to follow, but I am really up for the challenge."  

The Donelson location of the Cupcake Collection is expected to open by early May.   

Cupcakes will be sold Monday through Friday from the mobile kitchen until the business opens.