Pets Need Homes As Clarksville Animal Rescue Shuts Down

Pets Need Homes As Clarksville Animal Rescue Shuts Down

CREATED Apr 1, 2014

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Ray Vermilio first moved to Clarksville with his wife nine-years ago. They started the Sanctuary for the Left Behind as a way to help dogs and cats, and have been feeding, spaying or neutering and vaccinating for them years.

"We had a drop situation here. We had things being left behind," he said Tuesday.

It's all been funded by donations, partnering with other non-profits or even veterinarians. Adoptions are free to good homes.

They believe that's why they became so popular.

"They knew if they went to the pound they would be put down. So they found out that here we didn't put anything down," Vermilio said.

But now Cathy's health issues means they have to move out-of-state for a procedure. Some dogs will go with them, but others will have to be adopted.

For the Vermilios, it means saying goodbye to unexpected members of their family.

"I don't understand how people can… take an animal and dump it when the rough gets going," he said sobbing.

Shutting down the rescue means leaving pieces of them behind in Tennessee.

The couple is working with the Humane Society of Clarksville - Montgomery County. They need to get the remaining animals adopted out by this weekend.


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