Police Reluctant To Stop Speeders On Stretch of Interstate

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Police Reluctant To Stop Speeders On Stretch of Interstate

CREATED Apr 1, 2014


CORNERSVILLE, Tenn. - Imagine a stretch of I-65 where drivers can go as fast as they want and not worry about a speeding ticket from police.

Cornersville police working the corridor said they are now reluctant to stop speeders pointing to a memo sent out by the Marshall County Sheriff earlier this week. 

It reads in part: This is an Emergency Order to stop dispatching to Cornersville officers any checks on the interstate for traffic control until further notice.

The order means sheriff's dispatchers will no longer run background checks on the motorists stopped by the police on the interstate. As a result officers say they will not know whether the driver they stopped is wanted or dangerous.

The city administrator said officers will be less likely to make stops because doing so will be more dangerous without the help of dispatch.

"I know these officers will be reluctant to do anything if they can't get information available to them," said Taylor Brandon, the city administrator.

Sheriff's officials said that Cornersville police were writing far more tickets than any other agency in the county and dominating the dispatchers to the exclusion of others.

"That's a safety issue for my deputies," said Sheriff Norman Dalton, who's office operates the dispatch service.

His emergency order is designed to reduce the number of calls from the Cornersville Police Department.

The police may write fewer tickets along I-65, but it's not a completely free pass for speeders. The Highway Patrol and deputies also work the corridor.

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