Patients See Benefits Of Allergy Tests

Patients See Benefits Of Allergy Tests

CREATED Mar 27, 2014

by Marcus Washington 

NASHVLLE, Tenn. – A simple allergy test is said to eliminate most allergies within three years.

For 9-year-old Lydia Ames and her 6-year-old sister, Gianna Ames, spring is the perfect time of the year to get outside, but their mom Kimberly said a fun day outside, wasn't always easy.

"It was very difficult because their eyes would water," said Kimberly. "They would sneeze and sometimes we wouldn't get through an entire play date."

Kimberly said the girls have seasonal allergies and to make each day enjoyable, there are a few steps they now take.

"Regiment this morning was to do nose spay, do Claritin and an hour before we went to play outside, I gave them a teaspoon of Benadryl," she said.

That regiment is part of recommendations from the girls' doctors and allergists.

Millions of Americans deal with allergies throughout the year and often use over the counter methods with little long lasting success.

Allergist Dr. Megan Stauffer said allergy tests are just one sure way to find out what is causing the sneezing, watery eyes and other side effects of allergies.

"That can help you decide when to start taking medications during certain times of the year. It's also gives you the ability to start on allergy shots," said Stauffer.

Dr. Stauffer said those allergy shots can eliminate your allergies over time and it changes you immune system for the rest of your life. So, it's a permanent solution to the problem.

The effects from the test look painful, but the testing often fills like a toothpick lightly pressing against the skin.

Dr. Stauffer said most discomfort comes if you have an allergic reaction to the test given, which is a discomforting itch similar to a mosquito bite.

Kimberly said the 15 minute procedure was a life saver for her daughters and their time outside and she highly recommends anyone dealing with allergies, look into taking the test.

Allergy tests are covered by most insurance companies and many times allergy shots eliminate allergies within three years.

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