Metro Parks And Recreation Employee Sues City For $6 Million

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Metro Parks And Recreation Employee Sues City For $6 Million

CREATED Mar 25, 2014

by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An employee for Metro Parks and Recreation is suing Nashville and Davidson County government for $6 million.

Pamela DeSoto was hired as one of the first female park police officers back in 1982.

DeSoto's federal lawsuit alleges more than three decades of "ongoing discrimination against Sgt. DeSoto based on her sexual orientation, gender, race and age."

DeSoto said sex toys were left in her work mailbox and condoms were placed on her desk. In 2013, she said she was suddenly decommissioned which prevented here of any chance for a promotion.

She said that was the last straw.

"It was extremely difficult. I trudged on trying to be the best officer I could be," said DeSoto.

Ben Rose, DeSoto's attorney said there's no excuse for the way his client was treated over the years.

"This is a lady who had endured 30 years of this kind of stuff and it needs to stop," said Rose.

Rose and DeSoto declined to go into more detail about evidence in the case. Those details will be revealed in court.

DeSoto was re-commissioned, but was demoted from sergeant to an officer and no longer works in a police setting.

The lawsuit asks for $6 million in damages and reinstatement to park police and a promotion to the position of lieutenant.

Attorneys for Metro declined to comment because of the pending litigation.

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