Police: Man Posed As Parking Attendant In Downtown Nashville

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Police: Man Posed As Parking Attendant In Downtown Nashville

CREATED Mar 25, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A man was arrested after he allegedly posed as a parking attendant in downtown Nashville.

An affidavit said 57-year-old Larrie Carroll waved a driver into a parking lot at the corner of 2nd Avenue South and Broadway on Friday and approached him to take his money.

The driver, who oversees booting operations for Eagle Parking at the lot, realized the man was trying to scam him and called police.

Police arrived and found Carroll had 23 "PMC" parking tickets along with cash in his possession. At least one car in the parking lot with one of the fraudulent tickets on it had been booted.

"When you pull in you just assume that they are with the people who own that lot, and you pay them and just trust that they are being honest," said one man.

For many drivers, the incident sheds new light on downtown Nashville's overall parking problem.

"If you don't park in a spot or a lot regularly and see the same people collecting money, you don't know," added another.

Officials from Eagle Parking said customers should only pay at kiosks, even if there is a flagger present.

They said if someone is directing people into spaces on busy nights, they'll always be wearing jackets with the company's logo.

Carroll was charged with criminal simulation. Police said his criminal history showed he has at least 16 criminal simulation charges.

His bond was set at $15,000.