Nashville Bar Owner Worries About New Neighbor's Impact

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Nashville Bar Owner Worries About New Neighbor's Impact

CREATED Mar 24, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A long-standing law in Nashville restricting how close bars can be from schools may soon change.

A new charter school, opening this fall, chose an empty building right next to TNT's Bar and Grill off of Nolensville Pike.

Valor Collegiate Academy's arrival wouldn't restrict the bar's operations immediately, but the bar's owner worries it could cause big problems down the road. Owner Tim Olson is working to change that.

 A potential change to the city's ordinance would allow bars to be exempt from the rule requiring them to be 100 feet from the school if the bar was there first.

 "It's basically protecting our right as far as re-obtaining licenses," Olson said. "If we wanted to sell (the business) or transfer (the license) even if I wanted to change the name of the business I would have to resubmit those licenses."

 By phone, Valor's principal Todd Dickson said he is fine with the ordinance change.

Dickson said the school chose the location because he felt South Nashville needed a charter school, and the old Social Security Building was secluded and away from busy Nolensville Pike.

The ordinance is working its way through Metro Council.

Olson says he's not sure yet how the new school will affect his business.