Neighbors Fighting East Nashville Residential Growth

Neighbors Fighting East Nashville Residential Growth

CREATED Mar 21, 2014

by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Residents in East Nashville have seen tremendous growth in their area over the past several months. While they haven't been able to stop the booming development, they aren't giving up without a fight.

Deborah Gordon loves her East Nashville home in the peaceful neighborhood of Rosebank. She's enjoyed living in her ranch style house for more than 10 years, but said she's slowly seeing changes she doesn't like.

"It just doesn't look right," said Gordon. "It just looks like something fell out of the air."

She's talking about the two three story homes that recently went up right next to hers.

"It feels like to us there was no consideration for the neighborhood," said Gordon.

Gaye Kelly has lived in Rosebank for 19 years.

"The problem with the houses next door is they tower over mine and they totally block out the morning sun from my other neighbor," she said.

With growth they said comes added traffic and more of a financial burden in regards to higher property taxes - and it's happening all over East Nashville.

On the property next to Gordon's once sat one ranch style house. Now, there are two modern homes with a shared drive way, thanks to its zoning.

"It's too close," said Kelly. "One house would've been plenty."

One of the new homeowners Julie Christensen surprisingly said she understands.

"Growth is somewhat good, but it just needs to be sensible," she said.

However if Kelly has her way, she said there won't be any more growth on her street.

"As I have told the many people that have knocked on my door to try to buy my house I'm going out of here feet first," said Kelly. "Stay out of my yards because I don't care if my property value goes up, I plan on dying in this house."

Neighbors have put together the rose bank zoning survey. They hope to show it to Metro council members to begin the process of a zoning change.

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