Appliance Tax Rumor Has People Talking In Warren County

Appliance Tax Rumor Has People Talking In Warren County

CREATED Mar 17, 2014

by Chris Cannon

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. - Warren County will increase the number of inspections it requires for new one and two family dwelling, starting April 1. But implementing the process has stirred up controversy.

The county is following a State of Tennessee mandate that has forced the county to start inspections for plumbing and mechanical systems for newly constructed homes.

"Originally out of committee it was going to be a fee structure for new construction, and alterations. But the alterations now, we be off the table," explained County Executive John Pelham.

It was the part about alterations to existing homes that started the rumor mill in Warren County. The grapevine even coined the new phrase.

"To hear the term appliance tax, even though this is certainly now, this is a very serious situation and I understand the concern of our citizens, but when I heard that I almost had to, I actually had to smile bit too," Pelham said.

It was never the intention to charge for new refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers.

"The hot water heater was accurate, and that in itself had raised a considerable amount of discussion. It really had," according to Pelham.

Monday night Pelham will offer county commissioners an amended resolution that removes the fee structure for existing homes, and only charges a new $75 permit fee for plumbing and mechanical system inspections.

"If they choose to vote for it, to explain to their constituents that it's only for new construction and it will not affect you if you want to make any small changes within you home, what-so-ever," said Pelham.

The county currently inspects structural and insulations requirements for new homes. The state inspects electrical through the local electric cooperative.

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