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Apartment Tenants Upset After Old Toilets Left In Breezeways

Apartment Tenants Upset After Old Toilets Left In Breezeways

CREATED Mar 14, 2014

by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Imagine coming home and your toilet is sitting outside your front door. That's the sight more than 100 tenants saw at their South Nashville apartment complex, and many of them aren't too happy about it.

The apartment complex started replacing old toilets a couple days ago, but because I'm told they don't have the room to store them until they can be picked up or the man power they have no choice but to leave them in the breeze way for now.

"The smell overnight to the next day is awful," Eddielea Nicholson said.

Nicholson said all 110 of the tenants at her South Nashville complex have experienced the same thing.

"It's toilets up at the top and down at the bottom," said Nicholson. "If you take a walk around the neighborhood there are toilets on all three floors because they just haven't done a thing."

Property manager John Walsh said he sent out a letter letting tenants know their toilets would be replaced with more efficient commodes, and the process would take two weeks.

"The majority of toilets will be completely gone by the middle of next week actually short of the two week period that was told to the residents, so we're doing this in a timely fashion," he said.

But that doesn't sit well with Nicholson. She said it's still unsightly and unsanitary.

"When I look around all I see are children running and toilets on the porch and that's not right," said Nicholson.

Walsh said he hopes to make it right by letting tenants in on their plan.

"All of the toilets are being picked up starting today by Habitat for Humanity, and that's something I personally set up," said Walsh.

That satisfies Millie Settles. She's lived at the complex since 1975.

"I thought it was a win-win situation for everybody, and the couple of days that the toilet was out there just wasn't enough for it to bother me," said Settles.

Nicholson said she'll continue to make a stink until her old toilet is removed.

"Don't just let them pile up," she said. "Just move them."

Management said 20 toilets were picked up today, 40 will be picked up tomorrow and all of them will be removed from the breezeways by Monday or Tuesday.

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