Firefighters Find Woman Unresponsive On Burning Sofa

Firefighters Find Woman Unresponsive On Burning Sofa

CREATED Mar 14, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Officials said a Middle Tennessee woman was lucky to be alive after firefighters found her unresponsive in her home while the sofa she was sitting on was actually smoldering and on fire.

Around 1:45 a.m. Friday crews with the Nashville Fire Department responded to reports of a fire
alarm sounding in a double-occupancy home at 3801 Dartmouth Avenue, just south of Woodmont Boulevard.

When they arrived they found smoke coming from the residence and called for additional units. A mother and daughter living in the upstairs apartment had already exited the home in response to the alarms.

Firefighters forced entry to the front door where they were met with heavy smoke. Once inside
they found a woman in her mid-40s unresponsive on a sofa. The sofa was the source of the fire.

They pulled the woman from the home and proceeded to carry the sofa from the home and put out the flames. The woman awoke once outside. Officials said she did not need medical attention.

The woman told fire officials she had been smoking and must have dropped her cigarette.

The fire did not spread to the home. The only damage was to the door where firefighters broke it down to get in.

There was no significant damage to the duplex and residents were able to return to homes after the smoke cleared.

Investigators said it appeared the woman had been smoking and fell to sleep on the sofa.

Firefighters were amazed that the woman was able to sleep through the smoke alarms, the sound of them breaking down her door and most of all her rescue. They said she was lucky the fire didn't end up much worse.

The woman told NewsChannel 5 she was uninjured though maybe a bit embarrassed. She said she was a sound sleeper, and planned to be much more careful when smoking.