Hendersonville Forms Committee To Address Deer Problem

Hendersonville Forms Committee To Address Deer Problem

CREATED Mar 13, 2014

by Emily Luxen           

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. - As the deer population continues to rise in Sumner County, Hendersonville city leaders are taking actions to address what's becoming a growing concern.

The city is in the process of forming a committee that will explore ways to control the deer population.  The committee will consist of three Board of Mayor and Aldermen members, up to 10 residents appointed by the board, representatives from the city's police and public works department, as well as a representative from the TWRA.

Ward 4 Alderman Don Ames said the idea came together after he received multiple complaints from residents.

"One man said he had $4,000 worth of plant material destroyed by deer," said Ames.  "We've had a few car accidents in neighborhoods, as well.  I think it should be addressed."

Ames said he isn't certain what the solution is, but he hopes a little brainstorming and research will produce some ideas.

"We'll put our heads together, and first of all define the problem, and see if there is a solution," said Ames.  "It will be hard.  It may be more of an education solution than anything else."

TWRA Information Officer Doug Markham said Sumner County has a large deer population due to the terrain.  He said the TWRA supports Hendersonville's approach, and looks forward to working with the city on the issue.

"It might be helpful in educating folks in Sumner County," said Markham.  "The deer are here and they are here to stay.  You need to be cautious."

Ames said  this is an approach other cities, including Austin, Texas, have taken.  Possible solutions include municipal hunting, municipal contraception of deer or possibly nothing at all.  He said the goal is to find what will work best in Hendersonville.

The committee members are still being finalized, and Ames said they will likely be asking for feedback from residents in upcoming public meetings.

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