AMP Project Debate Continues On Capitol Hill

AMP Project Debate Continues On Capitol Hill

CREATED Mar 13, 2014

by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Lawmakers on Capitol Hill voted and passed amendments that allow discussion of the bus rapid transit project to move forward.

Senators met first on Wednesday to pass the AMP bill with the condition that still requires riders to get on and off on the right side of the road, prohibiting a center lane.

Representatives from the House of Representatives also passed the bill keeping discussion on the project on the local level. Both sides for and against the project said they found a silver lining during today's discussions.

"I think what you saw in the house committee meeting was a good debate of retaining control of local transit projects in local government, said Ralph Schulz, vice president of AMP Coalition.

While Rick Williams, the chairman of the board for Stop AMP, Inc. said he's happy about the center lane decision.

"We have a letter from a trauma surgeon at Vanderbilt who says there will be more people who will be patients now if AMP is built, so we think it's much better not to have it in the center of the road," he said.

AMP would run between Five Points in East Nashville and the West End Corridor but the project is not a done deal. The legislative process continues, and it will be a lengthy one.

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