Co-Working Office Space Expands In Nashville

Co-Working Office Space Expands In Nashville

CREATED Mar 12, 2014

by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A new shared office space concept called "co-working" is the latest trend in the business world that has taken hold in Nashville.

The concept of co-working is billed as an alternative to a business leasing out a floor, or an entire building, often for three to five years at a time. It's a concept that started a couple years ago, but several businesses say it offers greater flexibility.

"We've got folks who would love to be able to work out of this type of space," said Kristin Sharp, who helps run a market research company. "It's just a perfect blend of being able to be relaxed and still be professional."

Kristin Sharp helps run a market research company, and she's worked out of E-Spaces – a shared office space in that houses several different businesses in one room.

There are about a dozen co-working offices in the Nashville metro area, and more are on the way, including an office in Germantown opening in a couple months.

Just this week, another co-working office announced it's starting along West End in the summer.

The head of E-Spaces said he's not surprised Nashville is seeing a big surge in co-working offices.

"There's a lot of people here who grow businesses and start businesses here, and I think Nashville is inviting those people to come here with tax benefits," said Jon Pirtle, E-Spaces CEO.

E-Spaces said it's not just small businesses who work out of their offices: they say most of their business actually comes from large companies that are expanding and have run out of space.

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