CVC Withdraws Support For 'To Go' Cup Legislation

CVC Withdraws Support For 'To Go' Cup Legislation

CREATED Mar 11, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A push to bring "to go" cups to Downtown Nashville bars may have ended before it really began after the Nashville CVC pulled its support.

NewsChannel 5 received confirmation Tuesday evening that the Convention and Visitors Corporation had pulled out. The CVS had been one of the bill's biggest backers.

The legislation, which was set to be up in the House State Government Committee Wednesday morning,  would allow beer and alcohol to be served in special "to go" cups that could be taken onto sidewalks. 

Without CVC support the bill was expected to stall. Even if the General Assembly had approved the measure it would still have had to pass in the Metro Council.

The Council approved a resolution last week against "to go'' cups.