High Profile Lawyer Speaks Out About Anticipated Indictment

High Profile Lawyer Speaks Out About Anticipated Indictment

CREATED Mar 12, 2014

by Nick Beres

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - A well-known attorney has been defending himself against an anticipated indictment from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

His clients have included the Wooded Rapist, Perry March and most recently a suspect in the Vanderbilt rape case. NewsChannel 5 has learned that defense attorney Fletcher Long is expected to be indicted by the TBI Wednesday.

He wanted to get on the record Tuesday before the indictment was handed down.

"I will be vindicated," said Fletcher Long.

Long has yet to be arrested, but he knows what's coming. He and a former colleague have been indicted, but the two have not yet been served.

Long said he believes the indictment involves a billing dispute with a client.

"There has been an ongoing TBI investigation into alleged criminal conduct. I don't believe I've done anything wrong, but anyone can be accused," said Long. "Kings, queens and senators all get charged. It's the conviction that matters."

Long said the indictment - if it indeed happens - will have no effect on his current representation of former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Vandenburg, accused in a high profile rape case.

"It's not going to affect me in the high profile cases that I'm involved, and the other lawyers still desire my participation," said Long.

Barring some last minute change, a judge will sign the indictment and it will then be served to Long and his former colleague. At that point, the TBI will send out a news release with more details.

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