Williamson County Landowners Fight To Preserve Their Property

Williamson County Landowners Fight To Preserve Their Property

CREATED Mar 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2014

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - It was a packed house in Franklin at the Williamson County Commission meeting Monday night. Residents of the historic Old Natchez Trace neighborhood took a stand to protect what they see as priceless land from developers.  

They are fighting a proposed subdivision of 20 homes on 34 acres along Old Hillsboro Road.  Many residents had no idea that zoning allowed homes to be built on only one acre plots in the area and are upset.

Monday night 54 property owners voluntarily requested to make the zoning on their lots more restrictive. They want to make sure that future developments would mean homes have to be on at least 5 acres.  

"The beautiful landscape of our part of the county is a treasure. It is part of what of encourage people to live and work and put their child in schools in this county, and we are doing our part in preserving that by voluntarily asking that our properties be rezoned to make sure future development is done in the full public spotlight," said resident Howard Wall.  

The County Commissioner who has led the charge on this change laid it all out.  

"If you think one acre subdivisions are rural preservation, I think you might need to get your head examined, " said Williamson county commissioner Mary Brockman.

The County Planning Commission unanimously recommended people be allowed to change their properties and the County Commission agreed.  

This decision only affects those who wanted to change their property. The land where this proposed subdivision would go was not affected.