Murfreesboro Road Rage Injures Infant

Murfreesboro Road Rage Injures Infant

CREATED Mar 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A case of road rage in Rutherford County sent a 6-month-old baby to the hospital after being cut by broken glass.  Gunner Barlow, who is 6-months old, was doing well Monday.

The baby's father, Timothy Barlow said the family was driving on New Salem Highway around    9 p.m. on March 6th when he passed a vehicle going slow.

"The speed limit was about 55 and he was going 48," said Barlow.  

He says after he passed the white Dodge truck the driver followed him as he turned left on St. Andrews and then right on Old Ft. Parkway.  

"He came flying up past my truck and you heard 'Pow'! It sounded like a gun shot," said Barlow.

Barlow says the driver threw a cologne bottle through the rear window of his truck.  The window was directly behind his girlfriend and their baby's car seat.  A window tent kept the gals from shattering into pieces.

"That's when I chased after him. While he was weeding in and out of cars trying to evade me," said Barlow. "I got his license plate number and wrote it down; by then my girlfriend was on the phone with the police department."  

Timothy says police and emergency crews arrived and took Gunner to the hospital, leaving this family with even more bills they have to pay.  

"I'm going to have to pay for an ambulance ride for my [girlfriend] and son, I'm going to have to pay for the hospital bill, I'm going to have to buy a new back window," said Barlow. "I work a 9-5 like anybody else, living paycheck to paycheck."  

This father says he wasn't able to catch the person responsible for the fear and damage his family has experience, but he hopes some type of justice is served.

According to this incident report Murfreesboro police have identified and spoken with the owner of that white Dodge truck.  A police spokesperson says there is a person of interest, but no arrest has been made.   

Barlow says police did take the cologne bottle as evidence in the case.  

If you are ever the victim of road rage, you can call for help by dialing *THP on your cell phone.

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