Suspect Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Gibson Guitars Speaks Out

Suspect Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Gibson Guitars Speaks Out

CREATED Mar 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2014


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - The suspect arrested in connection with a recent influx of counterfeit Gibson guitars in Music City is speaking out.

"No, I didn't know they were fake. I had no idea," said Wade Massey.  Massey was arrested last week after Newschannel5 aired surveillance photos of him selling a fake Gibson guitar at a Murfreesboro pawn shop.

Massey admitted to making the sale, but said he was put up to it by an unscrupulous instrument dealer who hired him sell the bogus Les Paul guitars.

"I just took it to the pawnshop and said what will you give me for it," said Massey.

He said he sold seven counterfeit guitars at various pawn shops from Murfreesboro to Nashville over a one week period.  They appear to be high quality fakes that are manufactured overseas and then shipped to the states.

Gibson Guitars headquarters is based in Nashville.  A real Gibson can sell for more than 10-thousand dollars. The cheap fakes go for a fraction of that price.

Massey said the dealer told him the Gibsons were rejects from the Nashville plant and sent to China to be refurbished.  He said they are then bought very cheap in China and resold in the U-S for about 800-dollars. Massey kept 40 dollars for each one he sold. The rest of the profit went to the dealer.

"I was being used by this guy," said Massey who faces fraud charges, but is now helping police.

Detectives have a name of the instrument dealer and are trying to locate him. More arrests are expected.

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