Brentwood Harley-Davidson Controversy Continues

Brentwood Harley-Davidson Controversy Continues

CREATED Mar 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2014

by Jason Lamb

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Controversy continues to build over a proposal to move a Harley-Davidson dealership to the Mallory Park area of Brentwood.

This weekend, a group of homeowners concerned about the potential noise from a motorcycle dealership held a meeting to figure out how to best get their point across to city leaders.

Among other things, the group debated the idea of hiring an attorney to represent them.

The Harley dealership owner said he wants to work with neighbors, who he claims are just afraid of the unknown.

One of the people at the meeting blared sounds of Harley engines from his car CD player, hoping to give people an idea of what a dealership could sound like.

"What I was thinking about with this idea was let people hear what it really sounds like," said Gary Pigg, who is opposed to the dealership's new location.  "Because sometimes you talk about things and you kind of forget about what it really sounds like."

The owner of the Harley-Davidson dealership that is moving said he's going to bring Harley motorcycles to the new property to actually show neighbors how loud any noise would be.

Monday, the Mayor of Brentwood is scheduled to make four new appointments to the city's Planning commission, which will have a big say as the project goes forward.

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