Brentwood Residents Upset About Harley-Davidson Dealer Moving In

Brentwood Residents Upset About Harley-Davidson Dealer Moving In

CREATED Mar 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 11, 2014

by Chris Cannon

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. - Residents who live in the Willowick Drive area of Brentwood are upset a Harley Davidson dealership is moving, adjacent to their neighborhood.

"The quality of life is what all of us that have been here for years want to preserve," explained resident Jeannie Suttle.

Harley Davidson of Cool Springs is moving into Mallory Park, which is just on the other side of a tree line from several neighborhoods.

Residents are concerned about the amount of noise that will come from the new dealership, especially during special events.

"There's a lot of location options, they ought want to be in a place where sound is not an issue," Suttle said.

Gerald King's home of 16 years back up to Mallory Park.

"We're not against Harley Davidson, by any means, or these guys, I'm sure they're good people, and I'm sure they'd try to be good neighbors. The location of where they're trying to put this building really does affect this neighborhood," King said.

The dealership's owner said he was surprised to learn of the backlash over his plans to move into Brentwood. Rich Gargano said he is willing to work with neighbors to find a plan that will work.

"They're just afraid of the unknown, and we'll get them through that," Gargano said.

He plans to bring motorcycles to the site of the new dealership to measure noise levels, in hopes of easing the fears of his new neighbors.

Residents insist they are not against progress, just the proposed location of the dealership.

"We know it's all about tax revenue and dollars for the City of Brentwood, we're all for that too, in the right area that's appropriate for the business and all it entails," Suttle said.

Neighbors plan to meet Sunday to discuss how they will proceed.

"We're going to be in force in the next round, we have to, it affects, I mean good Lord, it affects your lively hood, it affects the price of your homes," King said.

Plans for the new Harley Davidson dealership will go before the Brentwood planning commission in April to discuss noise level issues.

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