Bust Uncovers Thousands In Counterfeit Products

Bust Uncovers Thousands In Counterfeit Products

CREATED Mar 5, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

MURFREESBORO, Tenn.  – Wednesday was a normal day with customers coming and going at Crazy C's Liquidation on West College Street.

But Rutherford County investigators say just a few days ago it was the place to be if you want brands like Northface, Under Armour, Ugg or even Louis Vuitton.

"They think hey this is real. I'm going to get a hat, I'm going to get gloves, I'm going to get the whole nine-yards," said Detective Patty Hillis. "In reality the quality of the merchandise isn't anything near the real product."

Hillis says people may not even realize they aren't buying anything more than name brand labels slapped on shotty products. She says private investigators working for the manufacturers got a tip that lead them here.

After a few buys, the PIs and Rutherford County investigators knew something was wrong.

"There were over 500 jackets in the store," she said.

There's a dead giveaway, but you have to know what you're looking for like the poor stitching on a Northface jacket that had a price tag of $35.

"The stitching on a NorthFace jacket are very clean. In other words there won't be a drop stitch in any of the stitching," Hillis said.

They seized $160,000 worth of products.

Workers inside Crazy C's referred NewsChannel 5 to the manager, who so far hasn't commented.

The case went before the Rutherford County Grand Jury Wednesday. Depending on what they decide Crazy C's owner could face criminal charges.

Hillis said it doesn't end there. Those private investigators are also trying to backtrack to figure out who is producing all the fake merchandise.

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